Quality Policy

The quality policy and management system is organized and certified in accordance with ISO-9001:2015. The structure of the company is determined by the Quality Manual; with the quality management encompasses all levels of business - development, production, purchasing and sales.


Ever since the company TRIVAL ANTENE was established in 1993, we have been keeping the tradition of developing and producing antennas, antenna masts and professional accessories, specifically for military use. Hence, the quality of the products and the fulfilment of military standards has always been our top priority.


For all employees in the company the achievement of design for quality assurance is at all levels an obligation which includes all areas of our operation. To meet and exceed customer expectations in terms of quality of our products and services is the essence of our philosophy. This approach is embedded into all stages of our business activities, because we want to include all factors to meet the requirements of our customers in an organized manner.


For us, the fulfilment of contractual obligations is a rule; quality does not only concern products but the service in its entirety. Therefore, both pre-sale as well as after-sales activities are included.


Our basic starting points are the following:
- work without errors because quality is planned
- continuously improve the quality of products and services which is the task of all employees, from the managers to all employees;
- any one is obliged to notify their superior of any deficiency or failure;
- each employee is responsible for the quality of their work which must be carried out correctly and in a timely manner in the context of the fulfilment of the requirements and expectations of the customer/buyer;
- improvement of working conditions, education and continuous training of all employees;
- continuous improvement of the management and operation system;
- fulfilment of legal requirements (health and safety at work, environmental protection, etc.).


In short, all of our efforts in the introduction of the concept of comprehensive quality assurance can be summarized with the following objectives:

- company growth and development;

- customer satisfaction;

- employee satisfaction;

- economic performance;

- partnerships with suppliers;

- environmental protection.


All the employees within these areas constantly refine and diligently achive the set goals. Within the framework of their tasks and responsibilities, each employee is responsible for the quality of their work. All employees should especially develop our comparative advantages, such as:

- flexibility: readiness, to the greatest extent possible, to satisfy specific customer requirements according to form, delivery deadline, price, etc.;

- responsiveness: an effort to maintain a rapid response time; the immediate answer is extremely important particularly in getting new customers.


All employees are familiar with the quality policy, while it is also available to stakeholders and via our website.

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