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Although the size of TRIVAL ANTENE is among small companies, the number and vast diversity of products can be placed alongside many larger companies. Based on our 50+ years of experience we have the production process organized based on "outsourcing" of a large number of external suppliers and subcontractors who supply us with a large number of different components and materials.

The final assembly of the product is always done in the company. In such a mode of organization of production, we can be fully committed to developing, incoming-, in-process and final quality inspection and particularly to the relationship with our customers.
Both antennas and antenna masts are composed of a large number of different materials and components, the result inmany years of development and experience gained both in laboratories and in the field from our user's feedback.
Another advantage is close cooperation with the company TRIVAL KOMPOZITI ( in the development and manufacturing of composite materials equipped with special machines for filament winding and pultrusion technology.

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