Eurosatory 2018

14. March 2018

Also in 2018 we will be among the exhibitors at the Eurosatory fair within the Slovenian National Pavilion organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia under the auspices of the Slovenian agency SPIRIT.

You are invited to visit our stand!


Complete WEB renewal

22. February 2016

In January 2016, we finalized a complete renovation of our web site. Now web pages enable to be viewed on all platforms (smartphones, pads, PC, etc ...), include a search engine, arranging the products also by platform, and many more.


Bigger update of our web pages with many new and renewed products.

6. August 2014

October this year will pass 3 years since our relocation to new premises. This move enhanced our production capabilities, improved our stock organization and last but not least improves our test and development capabilities.


Aside of a new, fully automated open area test site on the roof for the gain and radiation patterns measurements we have invested over € 300,000 this year in additional test and development equipment. Thus, we enrich the existing measuring equipment with two new network analyzers, new RF power amplifier and new software for analysis and synthesis of antenna matching circuits. In addition, our open area test site was enhanced with special "RF-to-optic" converters that contribute to more accurate measurements of gain and radiation patterns of antennas for portable and handheld radio devices.


Our migration to the new premises has finished!

11. October 2011

Dear business partners, dear friends! On behalf of the company TRIVAL ANTENE it is my great pleasure to announce that we have finally moved to the new premises on October 24th. Paralel to this milestone we have updated our CGP. 


We will move into the new premises end of September 2011

2. September 2011

With the new building we will also have a complete new outdoor antenna measurement facilities with 500 sq. m flat roof with two 12 m fiberglass masts and azimuth/elevation rotator. Inner space will be equipped with new production facilities, much bigger stock area and new offices.



8. June 2011

New VHF mobile antenna AD-18/D-2110, covering 20 - 110 MHz, 100 W.


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