Our products are basically divided to:

military antennas

HF, VHF and UHF antennas, intended for handheld/portable, mobile, field/tactical and base station applications. 


A-7142 Sectionalized Manpack Antenna     KUA-35/5 HF Broadband Transportable HF Antenna

antennas for civil professional (PMR) communications

HF, VHF and UHF antennas, intended for handheld/portable, mobile and base station applications.


AD-20 Antennas for handheld radios  AD-21/3108-M VHF magnet mount antenna   AD-40/2-6 VHF Yagi Antenna  AD-2 HF Whip Antenna

antenna masts

Tubular sectionalized and winch driven telescopic glassfibre masts from 5 to 18 m


STM Tubular Manportable Mast  STV-G Telescopic Winch-driven Mast for Fire Brigade Vehicles  STV Winch driven telescopic masts

custom designed antennas

Antennas for EMC measurements, radio monitoring, Counter-IED applications, etc.


AD-22/C VHF/UHF Log-periodic Antenna

antenna accessories 

Cables, connectors, mounting equipment, etc.


ADK Mounting Adapters  ATP-04 Attachment Adapter for VHF/UHF Mobile Center-fed Antennas  PK-2 Connection Set for HF Whip Antennas AD-2  



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