The history of the company TRIVAL ANTENE d.o.o. started in 1965 in the company SVIT Kamnik, when the first antennas were developed and produced from composite materials (polyester and epoxy resin with fiberglass) mainly for the ex-Yugoslavian army needs.


 In 1975 the company SVIT has been separated into two companies: SVIT and TRIVAL and both became members of the company DONIT Medvode. At the beginning of the 1989 TRIVAL became an independent company, later organized into four Profit Centres (PC). One of them was TRIVAL PC ANTENE which became a privately owned partnership company in 1993.


Today the company TRIVAL ANTENE has more than 500 different types of antennas, antenna masts and accessories in its product list. The company is mainly involved in military antennas and masts production and antennas for public safety. The company also represents or distributes products from the company SMARTEQ AB from Sweden (mobile antennas).


 End of December 2010 we moved to new production premises which suited us on some of our very specific criteria (height of ceiling due to the telescopic masts production needs, flat walking roof for antenna measurement site, etc.). After finalized renovation and finished migration we can see with satisfaction, that our decision for this purchase and renovation of the building was correct. The location itself is more accessible and opened and inside the building we have established all of our spatial needs and wishes to implement our continuous improvement journey. 





1965 Starting co-operation with Military Technical Institute Belgrade
1966 Production of the antennas started on our self-made pultrusion and filament
winding machines in former company SVIT Kamnik. First antennas were made for
manpack radios for ex-YU army
1972 Forming a research & development group for antennas and antenna masts
1975 New company TRIVAL (composites, insulation & antennas) formed out of
company SVIT
1986 New facilities - R&D laboratory, prototype workshop and production of the
composite materials; with complete lab equipment and new machines for
pultrusion and filament winding
1993 TRIVAL ANTENE d.o.o. became a privately owned company
1998 Introduction of our own web pages
2001 Signed a long term contract with Harris RF Communications
2011 Moving to the new premises – 1000 m2 building with 1700 m2 land
2011 We received the Highest Creditworthiness Rating AAA by Bisnode - Soliditet
2013 New premises and management system certified acc. to the ISO 9001
2016 Again we received the Highest Creditworthiness Rating AAA by Bisnode - Soliditet
2019 New ownership ‐ company acquired by ALFI Private Equity Fund
2020 New land of  3000 m2 was bought with plan to build new separate production for antenna masts

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TRIVAL ANTENE d.o.o., Gorenjska cesta 25, 1234 Menges, SLOVENIA, EU
TEL: +386-1-8314-396, FAX: +386-1-8313-377, EMAIL: info@trivalantene.si

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