Antennas for handheld and manpack radios. Long HF whips, VHF wideband tape radiators, 30-512 MHz dipoles for SDR, jamming antennas up to 6 GHz....

Vehicular antennas for a heavy-duty environment on armored vehicles and low-profile antennas for civil vehicles. For communication and EW...

Light and quickly deployable antennas for military tactical use. Foldable designed VHF/UHF antennas, wire antennas, packaging for easier transport...

Antennas for stationary installation on top of the mast, on the roof, or any other fixed object at a sufficient height. For military and public...

High power manpack, vehicular, tactical or base station military antennas for radio monitoring, signal jamming, and other very wideband operations...

GPS receiving antennas – Military antennas – Trival Antene


Active GPS receiving antennas for mobile and portable GPS receivers. For standalone use or in combination with standard VHF/UHF mobile antennas....


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