BWK-01: Body Worn Kit for attaching antennas to the standard MOLLE jacket

The Body Worn Kit type BWK-01/TNC is a special system enabling end fed (monopole) or center-fed (dipole) handheld or manpack antennas to be used in so called "body worn extended mode": antenna is not anymore attached to the radio and hidden by the operator's body but it is attached and elevated with the body worn kit which can be attached to the standard MOLLE jacket. This way the antenna is exposed over the operator's body which greatly enhances the antenna radiation efficiency.
All  parts are made of aluminium, brass, stainless steel or heavy durable plastic materials.


BWK-01/TNC is composed of 
- Goose Neck Extension (GNE) Unit length of 800 mm with TNC female connector on the top and a special Current Choke Unit (CCU) at the bottom. GNE is made of flexible metal tube covered and protected by a heatshrinkable tube and is acting also as a metal counterpoise for the end-fed type antennas. 
- A set of MOLLE attachment textile clips. Two of them are intended for attaching the GNE in horizontal and two of them for attaching of the GNE in vertical position.  
- 1 m of coaxial cable RG-223 C/U with TNC male connectors (attachment to the GNE unit and to the radio unit)

Technical specification

Frequency range 20 - 520 MHz
Impedance 50 ohm
Max. power 20 W CW
GNE length 800 mm
GNE weight 390 g
BWK weight 550 g
Temperature range - in use -50 ... +55 °C
Temperature range - in stock -55 ... +75 °C
Environmental specs. MIL-STD-810G


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