Surge Protecting Devices ASP: Coaxial surge protectors 

Coaxial surge protectors against atmospheric discharges type ASP are intended for protection of personnel, radio and other equipment against direct, indirect lightning and other discharging influences (EMP, NEMP). Compared with the model ASP, the ASP-W is designed as waterproof coaxial feedthrough and intended to be mounted on properly grounded panel mount plate outside the object or building.
The protector is usable within frequency range from 0 (DC) to 1500 MHz (ASP and ASP-W) or from 1500 to 2500 MHz (ASP-WH). The models ASP and ASP-W are composed of metal nickel coated housing ended  with two coaxial connectors (type N, BNC or TNC). A special gas filled surge arrester is inserted in with the function of voltage-dependent switch. As soon as the voltage applied to the arrester exceeds the spark-over voltage, an arc is formed in the hermetically sealed region within microseconds. After that the arrester is capable to do its function further again. 
The model ASP-WH has protection enabled with short-circuited 1/4 wave stub.



Connectors N female - N male
Connectors TNC female – TNC male
Connectors UHFmale - UHF female
Connectors N female - N female
Connectors BNC female - BNC female
Connectors N female - N male
Connectors N female - N female
Connectors BNC female - BNC female
Connectors N female - TNC female
Connectors N female - N female

Technical specification

Frequency range 0-1500 MHz (connectors N)
0-500 MHz (connectors BNC, TNC)
1500-2500 MHz (ASP-WH)
Impedance 50 ohm
VSWR < 1.35
Insertion loss < 0.2 dB
Spark-over voltage 600 V (ASP-W)
Max. discharge current

10 kA (ASP-W)

< 25 kA (ASP-WH)

Connector N, TNC, UHF, BNC
Weight 170g
Operating temperature -50 ... +85 oC

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