ATP-1827/03: Attachment adapter for vehicle "center-fed" VHF/UHF antennas

The attachment adaptor kit type ATP-1827/03 was designed for quick and easy deployment of our center-fed VHF/UHF mobile antennas in a tactical environment. Adaptor kit is composed of aluminum alloy antenna hub with NATO 23.5 mm diam. spigot and the universal attachment console made of stainless steel. Console allows attaching to the mast tube diameter from 25 to 60 mm. Antenna hub with spigot is with the irridite finish and protected with the PU paint. Console kit is painted with black cataphoretic paint.

Technical specification

Design Center Mount,  NATO 4.5" bolt hole pattern
Material High Grade Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6
Stailess Steel
Surface Treatment Iridite Finish + MIL Green PU paint
Weight aprox 2 kg

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