ATP-1827/05: Attachment adapter for center-fed mobile/vehicular antennas mast deployment

The antenna support ATP-1827/05 is designed for quick and easy deployment of our center-fed VHF/UHF mobile antennas in a tactical or stationary environment. The antenna support is made of aluminium tube diameter of 40 mm with upper and lower black pasivated stainless steel inserts with N female connector at the lower end. The antenna support has a special mounting console adapter enables mounting the antenna on the mast with diameter up to 60 mm.The ATP-1827/05 is painted with black two-component UV resistant PU paint.


- AD-18/E Rev. A
- AD-18/E-HP
- AD-18/F Rev. A
- AD-18/F-HP

- AD-18/G-2210
- AD-18/H-1318 Rev. A
- AD-18/H-1318-HP

Technical specification

Frequency range 20 - 6000 MHz
Impedance 50 ohm
Maximum power 500 W (20 MHz) .... 100 W (6000 MHz) CW
Connector N female
Height 250 mm
Weight 2.4 kg
Diameter 40 mm
Color Black
Temperature range - in use -50 ... +55 oC
Temperature range - in stock -55 ... +80 oC


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