Antenna power dividers APS-38/...

Antenna power dividers APS-38/...

The family of power dividers type APS-38 is composed of two-, three- and four-way power dividers for use on standard VHF and UHF frequency ranges. Dividers enable connection of two or more antennas together in one antenna array or system. They are designed as passive dividers on the base of quarterwave line coaxial transformer with one input and two or more outputs. The outer section of the divider is made of aluminum alloy square tube with side mounted input and output connectors and transparently anodized. The divider could be mounted on mast with one of our standard universal mounting consoles family ADK. 

Technical specification

Frequency range MHz 66-88, 146-176, 390-475
Impedance 50 ohm
VSWR < 1.3
Max power 400 W
Connector N female
Lenght max 100 cm
Mass max 0.5 kg

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