STV-G -Telescoping Winch-Driven Antenna Masts for Fire-Brigade Vehicles

Telescopic antenna mast type STV-G is a special version of the family of STV winch driven masts. The mast is modified acc. to lower top load requirements and easier mounting inside or outside the vehicle and is primarily intended for use with the Fire Brigade or similar vehicles for elevation of the lightning, photography or any other appropriate equipment. 

Mast sections are made of composite material (polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass). On the end of the sections are special slide-joints made of durable polyacetal leading the sections while elevating and lowering the mast. Each section has four longitudinal guidways placed equally outside which ensure the mast could be manually rotated around its axis.

Erection of the mast is enabled with hand operated winch with cogwheel transmission and with system of strong polyester belts guided between the sections. During the erection we put the belt into the winch wheel and wind it with crank arm, which lifts the sections up. For lowering the mast we simply turn the crank arm in the opposite direction without any need of hand switching which is done by built-in automatic switch mechanism. The winch has built-in automatic safety brake to protect the operator in the case of heavier loads.
Mast STV-G are made in two basic versions - with 3 or 4 sections. More sections at the same extended height enable lower retracted height. Also many other dimensions could be customized as: winch position, mast foot arrangement, top adapter diameter and height, etc...


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All our STV telescopic masts are CE certified.

Technical specification

Extended height (m) max. 4.0 max 5.0.
Retracted height (m) min 1.2 min 1.2
No. of sections 3 4
Mast weight (kg) < 14 < 17
Bottom section diam. (mm) 83 83
Top section diam. (mm) 61 50
Max. vertical top load (kg) 10 10
Max. wind area CxA (m2) 0.15 0.15
Color black black


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