ST-R - Foldable Antenna Mast with Tripod - Up to 6 m

The antenna mast ST-R is primarily intended for use for elevating and mounting of a light directional and omnidirectional or wire antennas for mobile work in stay. The base mast unit is special three-leg stay made of aluminum alloy square tubes with telescopic support legs made of composite material (glass reinforced polyester tubes). In normal conditions the mast do not need additional ropes and anchors. The three-leg stay is designed for very quick elevating of the mast also on inclined ground. The mast is packed in handy linen bag. Standard mast height is 6 m (5 sections of 1,2 m). Different dimensions and guying set are also available on special request.


In special circumstances where guying is needed (high wind) but not possible (hard ground) the tripod legs can also be secured using sand bags.


NATO STOCK No. (NSN): 5985-42-000-1710

Technical specification

Height 6 m
Three leg stand weight 4.7 kg
Section weight 0.85 kg
No. of sections 5
Section lenght 1310 (Nett 1230) mm
Section diameter 43 mm
Mounting area D = 2.8 m
Mounting time 1 per / 5 min
Max. vertical top load 6 kg

Max. horizontal top load:

- without guying

- with sandbags

- with guying


60 N

125 N

500 N

Max. top load wind area:
- without guying, wind 50 km/h 
- without guying, wind 90 km/h

- with sandbags, wind 100 km/h 
- with sandbags, wind 120 km/h 
- with guying; wind 160 km/h


0.10 m2
0.05 m2

0.25 m2
0.10 m2

0.25 m2

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