We will move into the new premises end of September 2011

2. September 2011

With the new building we will also have a complete new outdoor antenna measurement facilities with 500 sq. m flat roof with two 12 m fiberglass masts and azimuth/elevation rotator. Inner space will be equipped with new production facilities, much bigger stock area and new offices. All this will certainly help us to continue and finish our certification for ISO 9000 quality system before the end of 2012.

We believe this milestone will make a big impact on our bussiness, so we have decided this should be appropriate time to make a paralel shift with a brand new company's visual identity.

Our old logo >Triple V< has been a kind of succession from the remainings of the copany TRIVAL, which transformed into four different companies within the years 1991 - 1993. In 18 years of our private venture we have developed many new products, increasing our exports to new markets and now, new bussiness and manufacturing premises were obtained - so it is right time for such a visual shift forward.

The new visual indentity is made of three sets of circles, one of each simbolises one major part of TRIVAL ANTENE products - Antennas, Masts and Accessories. The circles and wave-interference between them is symbolizing radiation of electromagnetic waves. Each set of circles represents one part of our production while the interference between them shows strong connection between each of our three basic products group.

Our first public apearance with the new company visual identity will be this September, 13th on the Military Exhibition DSEi 2011 in London, UK. We welcome you to come and meet our team! 



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