We just released some new antennas. Check it out. - November 2020

26. November 2020

Antenna AD-27/DB-3512 Rev. A


This improved revision of only 2.2 m high heavy-duty dual-band VHF/UHF vehicle antenna for frequency range 30 to 108 MHz and 225 to 512 MHz is bringing improved VSWR and ultimate gain performances.

Average VSWR is now 1.8 and below 2.5 across 97% of the band with no regards to the size and position of antenna on ground plane. At the same time average gain has been kept very high with even some improvements at low VHF band (starting at -9 dBi @ 30 MHz, quickly raised to -5 dBi @ 40 MHz and further) for this vehicle antenna.

Due to the special monopole design in the radiator, the ground for the VHF is not needed. That way the antenna can be also installed on antenna masts.

This antenna can be used also as signal jamming antenna.



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Antenna AD-22/G and AD-22/G-HP

Since covering frequencies from 400 to 6000 MHz, this new antenna AD-22/G brings the widest band covering directional high-gain log-periodic antenna from our portfolio A tactical antenna designed for radio monitoring, signal jamming, counter-drone / UAV and similar applications. It is a ground / base station antenna.

HP version of this antenna supports 400 W @ 6 GHz up to 2750 W @ 400 MHz CW power.



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Antenna AD-62/DB-915-2450


By introducing new dual-band UHF manpack antenna for bands around 915 and 2450 MHz we are introducing a new family of very lightweight manpack / handheld antennas for wideband and dual-band coverage.

Follow our news, there will be more AD-62 antennas comming soon.



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Antenna AD-44/E-HHS

Based on new customer demands for UHF handheld radios antennas and drones communicating on long distances we are intrdoucing new wideband antennas covering about 100 MHz is spectrum of frequencies between 360 to 550 MHz.

The first from this series is 160 mm short antenna AD-44/E-HHS covering 410 - 510 MHz.




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