New wideband and ultra-wideband antennas in our shelf

26. April 2021

Wideband HF Antenna AD-4/WB-MHD-4.8

This antenna is our first wideband HF vehicular antenna for frequencies 1 - 60 MHz. It has integrated AMU and therefore no ATU is required between the HF radio and the antenna. With its 4.8 m high radiator (4 sections) and very strong spring, it can be tied down for NVIS applications or used as omnidirectional from a vertical position.



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Wideband HF antenna AD-2/WB-7


This is a wideband HF antenna for vessels where no ATU is required between HF radio and antenna. With a height of 7 m (3 sections) and a new base, it can withstand operational wind speed up to 160 km/h. With additional kits, the antenna can be installed on the ground or on the wall and used as HF base station antenna.



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Dipole/dipole Vehicular Antenna AD-18/CF-2512


This new wideband vehicular and signal jamming antenna for 20 - 512 MHz uses integrated dipole on VHF and separate dipole on UHF what brings ultimate performances on both bands. Because of the dipole structure on VHF, this antenna is ground independent and can be installed on the mast without any ground plane kit. It has exactly the same VSWR and gain performances with or without ground.

The antenna frequency starts from 20 MHz with fast-rising gain up to 108 MHz.

UHF gain between 225 - 512 MHz is stable and very high (up to +4 dBi).  



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Ultra-Wideband antennas 400 - 6000 MHz

These two Ultra-wideband dipole antennas for 400 - 6000 MHz for base station and vehicle installations are designed for radio monitoring and high-power jamming applications. VSWR across the complete band is below 2.5 with no requirement of the ground plane. Gain is very stable reaching up to +4 dBi.



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