New and improved products - July 2020

23. October 2020

Fresh new product, just released …

STV-EW electric winch is intended to be used with winch driven telescopic antenna masts type STV. It is an add-on product to the hand-driven winch type 651 or 501 and it enables easier elevating and retracting of the mast by wire remote control unit especially in case of higher mast heights and heavier loads. Read more »

STV-EW is designed for new installations as welas an upgrade of your existing STV masts!



High gain LPDA antenna AD-22/F

Log-periodic directional antenna AD-22/F covering 1 - 6 GHz with 9 - 11 dBi is the highest gain antenna from our portfolio. Available as 120 W standard power and as AD-22/F-HP for more than 1kW. Read more »


STV-xx/83 -  new members of STV family

The 3 new most lightweight masts:
- STV-4/83 (3 sections)
- STV-6/83 (4 sections)
- STV-8/83 (4 sections)
are our new telescopic masts for 4, 6 and 8 meter height, based on 83 mm diameter composite outer tube section and designed/manufactured in the same great quality as other members of our most popular STV winch driven telescopic mast family.

All 3 masts are able to lift up to 20kg top load and are ready for operational wind up to 120km/h. Available now! Read more »


The lightest dipole antenna for HH/SDR radios

Our best performing center-fed antenna for handheld and manpack radios (30 - 512 MHz; TNC male) lost her weight. It has now only 155 g. It has changed the name to, a new name is AD-44/WB-3512-LW. Read more »



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