Mobile antennas 20 -108 MHz

Mobile antennas 20 -108 MHz

Mobile antennas are composed of the antenna radiators type ADS-21, fixed mounts type ADN-21 and magnet mounts type ADM-21. The antenna radiators are made of Stainless Steel and painted with black protective paint, covering the frequency range from 27 MHz (CB) to 900 MHz (GSM). Main advantage of the whole family is beside quality materials and simple use also simple combining of different types of the radiators with different types of the mounts through M6 screw joint (male on the mount side and female on the radiator side). In that way user could easily combine the appropriate radiator with different mount according to his requirements. All the mounts are equipped with coaxial cable type RG-58 terminated with connector type FME on which we could easily fit different adapters from FME to PL 259, BNC, TNC, N, MINI UHF or SMA.

Technical specification

Antenna type 1/4 shortened 1/4 with spring
Frequency (MHz) 27 66 - 88
Imedance (ohm) 50 50
VSWR 1.2 1.2
Gain (dB) 0 0
Bandwith (MHz, SWR<2) 0.8 8
Material SS SS
Colour natural black
Height (mm) 600 1090


Mount type fixed w. swivel magnet 90 mm w. swivel
Color black black
Cable 5 m RG-58 3.5 m RG-58
Radiator joint screw M6 male screw M6 male
Height (mm) 42 80
Weight with cable (gr.) 250 750


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