AD-12/G: wideband dipole, 400 - 475 MHz

Antenna AD-12/G is wideband antenna covering frequency range from 400 to 475 MHz and is intended for stationary and portable use. Electrically the antenna is designed as a dipole with capacitive distributed loading on the upper radiating element. All metal parts of the antenna are grounded and enclosed in tube made of composite material epoxy-glass ensuring good resistance against atmospheric influences and long life time. The antenna could be directly mounted on any metal tube with inner diameter greater than 30 mm and outer diameter less than 49 mm (for instance standard tube 1 1/4"). The antenna could also be mounted by our standard mounting console and adapter elements ADK. 

Technical specification

Frequency range 400 - 475 MHz
Impedance 50 ohm
VSWR < 1.8
Gain 0 dBd
Polarization VER.
Max. power 100 W CW
Height 0.53 m
Diameter 28 mm
Mass of antenna 1 kg
Wind velocity 180 km/h
Temp. range -45...+70oC

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