We just released some new products - March 2020

23. October 2020

Two new recommended products from our shelf …

Dual Band Vehicular Antenna AD-27/DB-3512 - is a dualband monopole/dipole mobile antenna intended for use in heavy-duty mobile applications. The antenna is covering VHF frequency range from 30 to 108 MHz and from 225 to 512 MHz on UHF.

Due to antenna design, the minimum ground for operation is 0.4 x 0.4m on VHF, on UHF no ground is needed. Read more »


Manpack Antenna AD-25/WB-3512 is VHF/UHF dipole ("center-fed") antenna, primarily intended for use with manpack portable radio units in VHF/UHF frequency range from 30 to 512 MHz. Electrically the antenna is optimized for all exploitation conditions (portable radio unit on operator body, hand, ground, etc.) so it is not necessary to additionally tune the antenna. Read more »


Products to be released soon …

Electric winch STV-EW is intended to be used with winch driven telescopic masts type STV. It is an add-on product to the hand-driven winch. It enables easier elevating and retracting of the mast by wire remote control unit especially in case of higher mast heights and heavier loads. Available from April 2020. Contact us for more information »



Products improvements …

New revision of popular SDR/EW manpack antenna AD-64/A is bringing improved VSWR and better gain performances. The upper frequency has moved up and now covers 225 - 2500 MHz. Read more »


Trival Antenne corporate movie

Trival Antene Corporate Video
 We are proud to announce our fresh corporate movie. It is not only about products, but also about our history, people, technology, processes, values, markets, etc.

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