New & improved products - November 2019

23. October 2020

Recommended product from our shelf …

Antenna AD-27/V-150-3512 is a wideband short low-profile mobile VHF/UHF antenna for the frequency range from 30 to 512 MHZ, mainly intended for use in heavy-duty mobile applications.

In addition to this multi-band version, AD-27/V150-3512-DF is special dual-band and dual-feed version with separate VHF frequency range 30-88MHz and UHF range 225-512 MHz. This antenna allows connection of the two separate VHF and UHF radio units on the same antenna.


Product revival announcement …

Quick deployable wire LPDA antenna AD-19/C-3512 - Back in 1990, our first VHF wideband wire log-periodic dipole antenna has been made for Slovenian army. After 30 years, we are proud to announce the revival of this antenna with the goal to offer most lightweight tactical/transportable LPDA antenna that covers complete 30-512 MHz frequency range. In new release, many new high-quality materials are used. Contact us for more information »


Fresh new product, just released …

Antenna AD-18/D-2G-2G5 is a broadband dipole mobile antenna intended for use with portable and mobile communication systems, broadband receivers and RF jamming. The antenna is covering frequency range from 2000 to 2500 MHz. The upper part of the antenna is a dipole (’’center-fed’’) antenna radiator. The radiator is fully enclosed in a hard plastic radome. The radiator is permanently attached to the antenna base which is made of aluminum and durable plastic materials. Stainless steel spring absorbs the shocks and the vibrations, in addition, protects the antenna against impacts. Available now! Read more »


Trival antene is supporting Tactical radio 2019/20 …

We liked the previous editions of Tactical radios magazine very much. We see it as the most comprehensive list of military tactical radios on one place. That leads us to decide to support new edition for the year 2019 and 2020 that has been released this week.

Enjoy reading this digital edition.

Click here to download  PDF for free »

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