Eight new antennas launched

7. March 2017

We proudly announce the launch of eight new antennas for various frequency ranges within the VHF-UHF-SHF frequencies.


Antenna AD-39/3108 is a wideband VHF dipole antenna covering 30 -108 MHz and intended for base station use, as well as field tactical use (version AD-39/3108-T). This antenna finally replaces bulky and awkward placing different vehicular centre-fed antennas aside a tower. On the other hand, it is much easier to handle in the field compared to the time consuming disc-cone antennas.

Furthermore, the AD-39/3108 is capable to be rotated to horizontal polarisation. Gain and radiation pattern across the frequency range are very stable without any deep nulls.


Antenna AD-39/3512 is the same construction as the AD-39/3108, aside from covering the frequency range 30 -512 MHz.


Antenna AD-18/D-3512-HP is an upgrade of our popular AD-18/D-3512, modified for jamming applications. The antenna AD-18/D-3512-HP is capable to handle 200W and the AD-18/D-3512-HP2 is capable to handle even 400W of radio-frequency (RF) power.


Antenna AD-18/F-HP is an upgrade of our antenna AD-18/F, modified for jamming applications, since the antenna is capable of handling 200W of RF power.


Antenna AD-25/CW-3512 Rev. B is an upgrade of our popular wideband manpack antenna AD-25/CW-3512. Rev. B is now with better gain, lower vertical standing wave ratio (VSWR) and a more stable radiation pattern.


Antenna AD-44/E-HH-500 is a half-wave, broadband UHF antenna covering 225 - 512 MHz and intended for use with the personal UHF radios. Compared to classic ¼ wave UHF antennas it has better gain and exhibits better electrical properties, since due to its length it is not completely covered by the user's body.


Antenna AD-39/07-T is a folded dipole for TETRA frequency band 380MHz-420MHz.


Antenna AD-21/2G6G is a magnet or fixed-mount dipole antenna covering 2GHz-6GHz for broadband surveillance and jamming applications.


Antenna AD-21/45300 is a magnet or fixed-mount dipole antenna covering 450MHz-3,000MHz for broadband surveillance and jamming applications.


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