AD-80/L1L2: GPS active receiving antenna for L1 and L2 band

The antenna AD-80/L1L2 is a mobile GPS active receiving antenna intended for use with mobile and portable GPS receivers. Antenna covers L1 band (1575 MHz) and L2 band (1227 MHz). The active parts with the ceramic patch antenna are enclosed in the ABS radome. Stainless steel mounting adapter has M10 thread with washers and nut for easy mounting. The antenna could be used as standalone or in combination with our standard VHF/UHF broadband mobile antennas type AD-18 and AD-27. With these antennas the AD-80/L1L2 could be placed on the existing antenna base instead of one M10 mounting screw - no need to drill additional mounting hole.
The antenna has up to 5000 mm of RG-316 coaxial cable with SMA male connector. Other connector types are available on request.

Technical specification

Frequency range 1575.42 + 1227.60 MHz (L1/L2)
Impedance 50 ohms
VSWR < 2
Polarization RHC
Gain > 28 dB
Noise fig. < 2 dB
Power supply 3 - 5 V DC (approx. 44 mA)
Connector SMA female (or by request)
Dimensions dis. 95 mm x 104 mm
Weight 470 g
Colour Black
Materials ABS; Stainless Steel
Temperature range - 40....+55 °C

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