AD-44/E: wideband antenna for handheld radios (225 - 512 MHz)

The handheld UHF radio antenna AD-44/E is a wideband monopole whip, primarily intended for use with portable and handheld radio stations in UHF frequency range from 225 to 512 MHz. Electrically the antenna is optimised for all exploitation conditions (radio in hand, at the side, at the breast etc.) so it is not necessary to additionally tune the antenna. The antenna is composed of radiating part made of special wounded wire and covered with a heatshrinkable tube with silicone layer ensuring high flexibility and roughness. The antenna has built-in a special microstrip transformer matching network enclosed in fiberglass housing above the input coaxial connector. Input connector is built-in TNC male (AD-44/E-HH), N male (AD-44/E-MP) or SMA male (AD-44/E-HS-m). 


NATO STOCK No. (NSN): 5985-42-000-0885


Input connector is built-in TNC male
Input connector is built-in N male
Input connector is built-in SMA male

Technical specification

  AD-44/E-HH AD-44/E-MP AD-44/E-HS-m
Frequency range 225 - 512 MHz 225 - 512 MHz 225 - 512 MHz
Impedance 50 ohm 50 ohm 50 ohm
VSWR < 2.5 < 2.5 < 2.5
Gain -2 .. +2 dB(1/4)  -2 .. +2 dB(1/4)  -2 .. +2 dB(1/4)
Polarization VER. VER. VER.
Max. power 15 W CW 15 W CW 15 W CW
Input connector TNCm Nm SMAm
Mas 90 g 110 g 40 g
Height 260 mm 280 mm 240 mm
Temp. range -40....+55 °C -40....+55 °C -40....+55 °C


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