AD-40/2-2: 2-element YAGI antenna (144 - 176 MHz, 3 dBd)

The antenna AD-40/2-2 is 2-element wideband yagi antenna, primarily intended for stationary use on standard VHF frequency range from 146 to 176 MHz. The antenna is directional with 3 dBd gain. The radiator is made of folded dipole enables constant characteristics on whole frequency band. The elements are made of aluminum alloy tube 18/16 mm and inserted on the aluminum square tube boom 30 x 30 mm. The universal mounting adapter is on the back side of the boom enables vertical or horizontal polarization as well. All joint elements are made of stainless steel, matching unit is built in plastic protective housing and all aluminium parts are transparent anodized enable long life and reliable work even in hardest climatic conditions. All metal parts are DC grounded. 

Technical specification

Frequency range 146 - 176 MHz 
Impedance 50 ohm
VSWR < 1,6
Gain 3 dBd
Front to Back Ratio > 14 dB
Polarization VER./HOR.
Max. power 100 W CW
Connector 1.5 m RG-213 + N
Height 100 cm
Lenght 85 cm
Mass of antenna 3 kg

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