AD-39/3512: dipole antenna for VHF/UHF range 20 - 512 MHz for base station or field/tactical use

The antenna AD-39/3512 is a dipole antenna primarily intended for use as stationary antenna on VHF and UHF frequency range from 20 - 512 MHz. It is composed of a matching unit in the center with a balun transformer and two dipoles. The matching unit is based on aluminium with plastic housing which makes the unit very light. Both dipoles are made from brass tubing enclosed in fiberglass housing which also contains special passive element for better gain characteristics.  All aluminium parts are transparent anodized, stainless steel elements are black passivated, dipoles and mounting tube are black painted - all this together enables long life and reliable work even in the hardest climatic conditions. Mounting accesories for installing the antenna on the appropriate square or round tube with diameter of up to 60mm are also included in the antenna kit. The antenna can be mounted in vertical or horizontal polarization mode.


Antenna for base station applications
Antenna for field/transportable applications

Technical specification

Frequency range 20 - 512 MHz
Impedance 50 ohms
VSWR  < 3.5
Gain see diagram
Polarization VERT./HOR.
Maximum power 100 W CW
Connector N female
Max. diameter 65 mm
Height 2990 mm
Arm length 1000 mm (or by request)
Weight 4,2 kg
Wind speed 180 km/h
Temp. range - operating -40 ... + 55 oC


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