AD-39/2.3: folded dipole (118 - 136 MHz, 0 dBd)

The family of wideband antennas AD-39 is composed of so called folded dipoles and is primarily intended for use as stationary antenna on VHF and UHF frequency range. The antenna is composed of a folded dipole mounted on a supporting boom. The dipole has 3 m of coaxial cable type RG-213/U with N female type of connector. The antenna is appropriate for side mast mounting with 2 dBd gain together with offset radiation pattern. With different combinations of several antennas together with appropriate power dividers type APS-38 a different radiation patterns with different gains could be easily achieved depending on our signal coverage requirement. Dipoles are made of aluminum alloy tube with 18 mm of diameter and mounted on square aluminum boom together with mounting console enables the antenna to be mounted on antenna mast with external diameter up to 60 mm. All aluminium parts are transparent anodized enable long life and reliable work even in hardest climatic conditions.

Technical specification

Frequency range 118 - 136 MHz
Impedance 50 ohm
VSWR < 1.5
Gain 0 - 2 dBd
Polarization VERT.
Max power 500 W
Connection N
Height 1100 mm
Lenght 700 mm
Mass of Antenna 2.5 kg
Wind velocity 160 km/h

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