AD-24/A: wideband heavy duty mobile antenna, 430 - 470 MHz

The antenna AD-24/A is a wideband monopole intended for use in the standard frequency range from 430 to 470 MHz. The antenna is composed of a mounting plate with a coaxial connector and of a conical radome made from epoxy - glass composite material where the radiating elements are waterproof built- in. The coaxial connector is protected with the washer. The antenna can be mount directly on flat metal surface and it is primarily intended for use on locomotive engines and other similar vehicles. Therefore its mechanical construction is optimised regarding high vibrations and shocks arising by the engine. 


NATO STOCK No. (NSN): 5985-42-000-0820


antenna for TETRA frequency band 380 - 420 MHz

Technical specification

Frequency range 430 - 470 MHz
Impedance 50 ohm
VSWR < 1.5 (diag.1)
Gain 2 - 3 dBi
Polarization VER.
Max. power 100 W CW
Height 180 mm
Premer 55/42 mm
Mass of antenna 0.6 kg
Wind velocity 180 km/h
Temp. range -40...+70oC

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