AD-22/C: log - periodic VHF - UHF antenna - 80 - 1300 MHz

The antenna AD-22/C is a log-periodic dipole antenna covering the frequency range from 80 to 1300 MHz. The antenna is mainly intended for use in EMC applications, radio monitoring, etc. The antenna is composed of a boom element and 20 dipoles connected to the boom by special screw joints. All dipole elements and boom are made of aluminum alloy and joints are made of stainless steel. On the end of the antenna boom is joint for mounting the support pipe with mounting console for mounting the antenna on the mast. The mounting console is constructed for easy change of antenna polarization. The antenna support enable mounting the antenna on masts with outer diameter between 26 and 60 mm. The antenna is primarily intended for use as transportable but it can be used also as stationary due to construction of elements and materials enabling long life. All metal parts of the antenna are transparently anodized. The antenna is packed in a special canvas bag suitable for transport. 

Technical specification

Frequency range 80 - 1300 MHz 
Impedance 50 ohm
VSWR < 2.5
Gain see PDF
Fron to back ratio > 15 dB
Maximum power 100 W CW 
Polarisation HOR./VER.
Connector N female
Lenght 1.8 m
Width 2 m
Weight: 18 kg
- antenna 8.3 kg
- conterweight 7.8 kg
- canvas bag 2.0 kg
Wind velocity 120 km/h
Temperature range - 40....+70 °C

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