AD-17/C-1512-F: VHF/UHF Disc-cone antenna, 100-512 MHz, with flexible elements

The antenna AD-17/C-1512-F is a wideband VHF/UHF "disc-cone" antenna, intended primarily for field/tactical/transportable applications. The antenna disc and radial elements are permanently attached to the antenna hub and are made of a special bi-directional bendable tape elements, covered with plastic sleeve. Complete antenna is stowed inside the portable cylinder covered with double impregnated canvas bag. Such fixed and bendable radiating elements together with the unique bag design make the antenna ready for work in a fraction of time. The antenna is equipped with mounting console which allows installation on the appropriate masts with the outer diameter between 25 to 60 mm. 

Technical specification

Frequency range 100 - 512 (1000) MHz
Impedance 50 ohm
VSWR < 2.5
Gain typ. 2 dBi
Polarization VER.
Max. power 500 W CW
Connector N female
Width 100 cm
Height 90 cm
Weight 3.5 kg (antenna) + 4.1 kg (bag)
Wind velocity 160 km/h
Temp. range -55...+75 °C

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