The antenna AD-10/A is a wideband vertical polarised dipole covering the frequency range from 200 to 512 MHz. All elements of the antenna are enclosed in an epoxy - glass composite tube. The antenna is intended for stationary use. Electrically the antenna is designed so that the upper radiating element is divided on two axially placed elements, mutually connected so that each element works in its active region. Such design enables a large bandwith and relatively constant vertical radiation diagram. The antenna has built-in a coaxial cable length of 1 m with coaxial connector "N" type at the end. A special mounting tube with mounting console adapter enables to mount the antenna on the mast with diam. up to 60 mm. 

Technical specification

Frequency range 200 - 512 MHz
Impedance 50 ohm
VSWR < 2
Gain 0 - 2 dBi
Ver. radiation pattern DIAG. 2,3
Polarization VER.
Max power 200 W CW
Height 630 mm
Diameter 120 mm
Mass 6 kg
Wind velocity 150 km/h
Temp. range -40 ... + 70 oC

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